Chippy Fest takes over the Stone from April 17th – 22nd

From April 17th – 22nd our friend,  acclaimed artist and Tzadik designer: Heung-Heung Chin aka Chippy will take over the Stone. She has chosen 18 of her favorite bands in this exciting week of new music! Three bands a night!  Get ready to get down.  For more information about the Stone please see

Calendar of events.

4/17 Tuesday (MJC)

8 pm

Ron Anderson’s PAK

Ron Anderson (bass, voice) Keith Abrams (drums)

This will be the first New York performance for PAK since their 33 concerts in October and November of last year. This night they will be presenting new music as a duet. Powerful and uncompromising.


9:30 pm

Guardian Alien and Friends

Alexandra Drewchin (vocals, synth) Turner Williams Jr (shahai baaja) Bernard Gann (guitar) Eli Winograd (bass) Greg Fox (drums, electronics, tuvan throat singing) David Wightman

Self-described “World Psych” band featuring Alexandra Drewchin, Turner Williams Jr, Bernard Gann, Eli Winograd and Greg Fox.


11 pm


Damon McMahon, Jordi Wheeler (vocals, guitars, keyboards) Parker Kindred (drums)

Amen Dunes, the solo project of Damon McMahon, began with recordings made in the fall of 2006 in upstate New York. Those tapes were initially put on the shelf as personal recordings never intended for release. The following summer, McMahon moved to China, living in Beijing for the next few years, writing and recording music only occasionally. 2009 however saw the release of the upstate recordings as “DIA” on Locust Music, prompting his move back to the states to form a band around Amen Dunes. After playing in New York and touring the US and Europe from 2009–2010, in the summer of 2010 McMahon released the “Murder Dull Mind” EP, a collection of the apartment recordings made while in Beijing, on Sacred Bones. This past January, he began recording for his second full-length, “Through Donkey Jaw”, his first proper recordings in almost five years. Where “Murder Dull Mind” was sparse, mostly acoustic and almost all first-take improvisation, this new work contains many more fully-realized sounds and songs; it is very much the winter to Murder Dull Mind’s summer.



4/18 Wednesday (JM)

8 pm

Mick Barr

Mick Barr (guitar)


9:30 pm


Eri Shoji (vocals, bells) Matty McDermott (guitar, organ) Jim McHugh (guitar, drone) Nickle Emmet (bass) Jessica Stathos (congas) Jason Robira (drum kit) Dylan Angell (pocket trumpet) Jeff Tobias (sax)

Brooklyn-based avant-psych outfit NYMPH emerges from a regenerative and productive chrysalis-state with its first show in nearly a year. Having been eyeball-deep in wrapping the latest studio record, “New Millennium Prayer”, and finalizing a live album they recorded as the backing ensemble for free-jazz mojo-machine Arthur Doyle, NYMPH is ecstatic to exhibit the muscularity and exuberance that has made them a singular, infectious presence in the Brooklyn psychedelic, noise and out-jazz scenes of the past half-decade. Tonight’s performance finds them in an 8-piece incarnation featuring reeds, brass and an expanded percussion section that sonically aligns them even more with the free-jazz and folk-music legends of the past, while the lysergic interplay of the dual Fender guitars and the brutal locking alignment of the amplified bass and drumkit continue to forge the way to deeper space.


11 pm

Hunter Hunt-Hendrix

Hunter Hunt-Hendrix (voice)

Transcendental Black Metal performance. FIVE DOLLARS



4/19 Thursday (HB)

8 pm

Miho Hatori

Jesse Murphy (bass) Ahmed Gallab, Chris Pow Pow Powell, Jamey Robinson

Jesse Murphy, Ahmed Gallab from NY, Chris Pow Pow Powell, Jamey Robinson from Philadelphia.


9:30 pm

Timo Ellis

Timo Ellis


11 pm

Unstoppable Death Machines and Friends

Billy (drums) Mike (bass)

An evening of collaborative musical performance. As described by Noisey/Vice, “UNSTOPPABLE DEATH MACHINES are two brothers who play spazzed-out, technicolor punk rock.” On Thursday April 19th brothers Mike and Billy Tucci will share the stage at John Zorn’s venue, The Stone, with friends & tour-mates to perform original material, as well as the music of their friends with collaborative performances in accompaniment with: Filthy Savage, Jah Jah Brown of Ninjasonik, Ken South Rock, & Ritz Riot. Expect a twisted translation of of some of the freshest music coming out of the New York City underground into the musical stylings of UNSTOPPABLE DEATH MACHINES.



4/20 Friday (DM)

8 pm

Smother Party

Mike Eber, Kirk Schoenherr (guitars) Sam Levin (drums)


9:30 pm

Kevin Hufnagel Solo

Kevin Hufnagel (guitar, baritone ukulele)



11 pm

Vaura Acoustic Set

Joshua Strawn (voice, guitar) Kevin Hufnagel (guitar) Toby Driver (piano) Charlie Schmid (percussion)



4/21 Saturday (JC)

8 pm

Miles Levy with Demian Richardson and David Moss

Miles Levy (drums) Demian Richardson (trumpet) David Moss (bass)


9:30 pm


Toby Driver (voice, guitar) Timba Harris (violin) Michelle Morinaga (parasitomorphism)

Ichneumonidae explores the astounding psyche of parasites, touching on dualities of survival and self-destruction, the perilous tensions of coexistence, and the subtle horrors of the colonized body.


WORLD PREMIERE of a new trio by Toby Driver (Kayo Dot, Tartar Lamb, Vaura, etc.), featuring violinist Timba Harris (Secret Chiefs 3) and performer Michelle Morinaga.


11 pm


Chuck Stern (vocals, composition) Toby Driver (guitar) Keith Abrams (drums) Tim Byrnes (synth, trumpet)

The music of Stern is dense and dramatic, occupying its own late-night vacuum—a haze of brooding, Shostakovian synth and angular guitar work, laced with trumpet, industrial noise and sweeping male vocals. Previously a solo artist, Stern is now expanding to band form.



4/22 Sunday (KR)

8 pm

Vehicle of Ascension

Pete Drungle (piano) Jay Rodriguez (woodwinds) Federico Ughi (drums) Brian Close (projections)

Trio with Pete Drungle, Jay Rodriguez and Federico Ughi. Live video projections by Brian Close.


9:30 pm


Al Mac Dowell (piccolo bass) Pete Drungle (piano) Tony Falanga (contrabass) Tony Lewis (drums)

This New York City-based quartet proudly displays the music of the eminently prolific jazz icon, Ornette Coleman; comprised of stellar musicians (led by Al Mac Dowell, a 35-year veteran of Coleman’s Harmolodic theory) this ensemble gives a new and authentic take on Coleman’s compositions.


11 pm

Daniel Carter, Pete Drungle, Dom Richards, Ryan Sawyer

Daniel Carter (woodwinds) Pete Drungle (piano, electronics) Dom Richards (bass) Ryan Sawyer (drums) Brian Close (projections) and Special Guests

Daniel Carter, Pete Drungle, Dom Richards, Ryan Sawyer and special guests. Live video projections by Brian Close.

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