Far East to East Showcase 2010

Far East to East Showcase is a night of music which brings together musical artists from America and Japan.  This is the third (and by far the most ambitious!) presentation of FETES in the U.S.A. focusing on an eclectic mix of artists, and stressing the “borderlessness” of song.  Headling this year’s F.E.T.E.S. is the dynamic and world renowned Japanese pop duo: Puffy AmiYumi.  Other featured artist includes: Boom Boom Satellites; Zazen Boys & Echostream.

F.E.T.E.S. 2010 takes place at Irving Plaza on October 10th.   Tickets are available for purchase online at LiveNation.com

Band Info:

Puffy AmiYumi

Puffy AmiYumi

Puffy AmiYumi, composed of singers Ami Onuki and Yumi Yoshimura, debuted in 1996 with the million selling single Asia No Junshin. Since then, their music has made them household names in Japan, leading to numerous hit songs, commercial appearances, and even their own television show. In 2000, Puffy AmiYumi began releasing albums and touring in the US. In 2004, Cartoon Network created an original cartoon, Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi, which became one of the most watched cartoons in the world — havin g been broadcast in 110 different countries. In 2006, Puffy AmiYumi were appointed the Goodwill Ambassadors of the Visit Japan Campaign for the US. In 2009, Puffy AmiYumi performed in Europe for the first time in front of 5,000+ people in Paris’s Japan Expo. In the same year, they sang the theme song to the Naruto film Naruto Shippuden 3: Inheritors of the Will of Fire. Their latest album, Bring it!, includes All Because Of You and I Don’t Wanna written by Avril Lavigne and her producer Butch Walker, Hiyori Hime written by the Japanese female rock icon Sheena Ringo, the theme song to the new Genji anime series, and other songs written by numerous stellar song writers. In September 2010, PuffyAmi Yumi will perform in Hong Kong and Taiwan. In the following month, they’ll be coming to NYC.


Boom Boom Satellites

Boom Boom Satellites

Electronic/Rock unit Boom Boom Satellites — bassist/programmer Masayuki Nakano and guitarist/vocalist Michiyuki Kawashima — first broke in Europe in 1997. Absorbing both electronic and rock elements, they created a completely new and unknown sound, which not only established them as an exciting new band, but also boosted their profile as one of the most distinguished music producers in Japan. Their first single, 4 A Moment of Silence, was released in Europe in 1997 and triggered rave reviews from such definitive European music magazines as Melody Maker, who compared their debut impact to those of the Chemical Brothers’ and Prodigy’s. In 1998 the band embarked on a 3 month US tour with Moby, and shortly after they began receiving — and still keep receiving — requests for remix work from various artists such as Garbage, Josh Wink, and many more, which proved that their sound could be acclaimed and accepted internationally. When Oliver Stone and Luc Besson chose a band’s track to use in the film Yamakashi, it reinforced interest in their music from industries out side of the music business. In 2004 the band continued their film work by producing the soundtrack album to the animated film Appleseed. Boom Boom Satellites contributed four new songs, including the movie’s main theme, Dive For You, to the soundtrack, which also included music from Paul Oakenfold, Basement Jaxx, and Ryuichi Sakamoto. In 2007, their 6th album EXPOSED was released. Japanese lead track Easy Action was featured in 3D live action anime film, Vexille (directed by Fumihiko Sori), and was included in the soundtrack which also features Asian Dub Foundation, Underworld, and The Prodigy. EXPOSED was produced in an attempt to find the answer for the band to the long-standing question from the industry that tends to appreciate genre specific music, namely, Rock vs. Dance. In this album they have reached an answer — Rock AND Dance, both can exist at the same time and same place. Hence the new follow-up greatest hits album, OVER AND OVER. Coming in September 14, 2010 from SonyMusic Independent Network, this album is thoroughly re-mastered and re-mixed by the members themselves, and allows the listeners to appreciate it as a completely new album rather as a simple compilation of pre-existing tracks.

<Boom Boom Satellites official homepage>: www.bbs-net.com



Zazen Boys

Zazen Boys

Zazen Boys are Mukai Shutoku / Vocal,Guitar.Synth , Matsusita Atsushi / Drums , Yoshida Ichiro / Bass , Yoshikane Sou / Guitar

Zazen Boys were formed in 2003 by Mukai Shutoku,former leader of Japanese rock band Number Girl. In a word, Zazen Boys aspire to be `Led Zeppelin in kimono`. Their eclectic style is complex but raw, ranging from funk in irregular time, to Captain Beefheart combined with Minyo (traditional Japanese folk songs),to angular guitar-driven punk-ballads. Mukai`s lyrics are in Japanese, and the unique worldview that they express are based around two key concepts:`shogyou-mujo` and `seiteki-shodo`, meaning roughly `the transience of this world`and `sexual impulse`. To date, Zazen Boys have released 4 albums and 2 singles, all through their own label Matsuri Studio. Their latest album `Zazen Boys 4` was produced by Dave Fridmann (49th Grammy Winner for Best Recording Engineer),It opens with `Asobi`, a dark and brooding number performed entirely on drum machine and synthesizer, reminiscent of early deep house, and then on to `Honnoji`, a raging 16 beat-psyche-funk rock tune, and so on. Zazen Boys` awesome live shows reach almost 100 per year, and their music continues to stir hearts all over Japan and beyond.




Echostream’s music draws the audience into a singular world, where haunting melodies swirl over grooving beats and unique instrumentation. Drawing on classical sensibility, the music includes techniques and arrangements normally only found in stuffy concerts populated by grey-haired old ladies. Here, those same instruments are let loose like beasts released to roam the wilds in search of adventures. Pianos, French Horns, Mandolins, Theremins, and of course the standard rock fare — drums, bass, guitars — abound, blending and accentuating one another to create a sound that is just as at home in a movie, on TV, or in a game, as it is on a festival stage. Echostream is not a new band, although you may only now be discovering them. Over a history of five years, two self-released albums, multiple licenses for TV and compilations both domestic and abroad, and many large-venue performances, the band has honed its sound and skills to an exceptional level.



$22.00 Advance  $25.00 Day of Show   — BUY TICKETS NOW

Irving Plaza

17 Irving Place, New York, NY 10003 —

Directions: Located on the northwest corner of 15th Street & Irving Place, 1 block West of 3rd Avenue.     Hopstop Directions from Javits Center

Parking:  Parking lots located on 15th and 16th Streets. 16th Street parking lot validates tickets.

Public Transportation

By Subway: L/N/Q/R/W/4/5/6 to Union Square – 14th Street

Box Office Numbers:  (212) 777-6800          Concert Hotline: (212) 777-1224
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